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Lexus Australia

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We were brought on by Lexus Australia to develop a series of commercials for cinema, promoting their dealerships in South East Queensland. Using storytelling to develop a narrative, we were able to create three, high-impact, moving, and delightful commercials for Lexus Australia that were broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of people, popcorn and choc-tops in hand. 

Each of the 30-second commercials were shot within the regions of the respective dealerships and focused on promoting an aspirational lifestyle, with the Lexus car as the vessel. For these video series, it was key for us to depict what the ideal lifestyles were for people living in these regions i.e. a surfer living on the Gold Coast and a corporate leader living in Brisbane city.  By capturing this in essence, it allowed us to tell a beautiful story and capture the interest of audiences, rather than hard sell the product based on its features, etc.